Agata Wierzbowski on ‘Listening to CLC Stories, and Celebrating Successes’

Source: Consumer Action Law Centre

Agata Wierzbowski, the CLC Fellow for 2014/15, has posted a new blog entry on Listening to CLC Stories, and Celebrating Successes. She writes that in her conversations with Community Legal Centres across Victoria and New South Wales

[t]he common thread … has been that of (in)justice, and of enhancing access to justice for vulnerable communities. This should not be surprising. These are some of the key reasons the sector was founded, and they are embedded in the mission and objectives statements of most CLCs. However, the instinct for injustice isn’t necessarily inherent, even for passionate community lawyers. The paralyzing, or at least myopic, effect of the “churn factor” is a theme that has arisen in almost all of my conversations with community lawyers. Because of this, the churn factor may be one of the key inhibitors to more effective systemic and law reform casework in the sector’.

Marc Trabsky