Meredith Primrose Jones, La Trobe Law School Student, ‘On Volunteering for beyondblue’

The following post is written by Meredith Primrose Jones, who is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws at Latrobe Law School:

I began volunteering for beyondblue in January 2012. Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed all the events I have had the privilege to volunteer at. I have volunteered for multiple events over the years including the Youth Festival, Neon Run and Midsumma Festival. I mainly volunteer on holidays, weekends and when I’m not studying. I think one of my main highlights with beyondblue has been the Midsumma Festival in 2014, a fantastic day where I met some wonderful people and had plenty of laughs. Yesterday I was also interviewed by Channel 9 as part of the re-launch of ‘Get To Know Anxiety’

More recently I was inducted into the Speakers Bureau. This means I now get the opportunity to share my personal story to groups of people that have requested to know more about beyondblue. My selected target audience are young adults and school age children, who may be worried about their friends and family and are not sure how to talk to them about mental health problems. I also speak from the perspective of someone who has suffered from mild anxiety. 

I feel it is really important to support beyondblue and share their messages, as further awareness and support is required surrounding mental health issues. Being part of beyondblue allows me to help other individuals and show them that there is support within the community. I think beyondblue is a fantastic organisation, and for me, they have provided a huge amount of support for myself and my family.

I encourage all people I talk to, to have a look at the large amount of resources available on the beyondblue website, as they are very informative on how you can approach certain topics. ‘Have The Conversation’ is a fantastic series of short films, suited towards a wide range of targeted groups. This series provides some great starting points for people who may not know how to start a conversation with someone they’re worried about. ‘Have The Conversation’ is an important initiative, because having a conversation and talking about mental health issues is one of the main contributors to providing support for friends and family. 

La Trobe Law School is raising awareness of wellbeing in law in 2015. The school congratulates Meredith for her appearance yesterday on Channel 9 news and for all her work with beyondblue.

Marc Trabsky