Dr Fiona Kelly Interviewed on ‘How I Met My Daughter’ on Australian Story

Dr Fiona Kelly, Senior Lecturer and Director of Research, La Trobe Law School, appeared last night as an expert on Australian Story on ABC. After losing her partner, Kerrie Hancox decided to have a child on her own using donor sperm. When her daughter was 10 months old, she asked the fertility clinic if they could make contact with her sperm donor. Her donor was George Deka, a single man with no children. The two met, fell in love, and had a second child. Now Kerrie and George are trying to have their eldest daughter’s birth certificate changed to reflect George’s parentage. However, the Status of Children Act 1974 (Vic) contains an irrebuttable presumption that a sperm donor is not a legal parent. Dr Kelly, who has spent over a decade writing about the topic of legal parentage and non-normative families, offers her advice and thoughts on George and Kerrie’s dilemma. Dr Kelly told the ABC

[C]ases like this could be perceived as a potential gap. And I think that, as people search for donors, we are going to have situations where the law simply doesn’t envisage the scenario that they’ve raised

The Australian Story episode aired at 8pm on Monday 2nd March 2015 on ABC. It is currently available on ABC iView.

Marc Trabsky