La Trobe Vis Moot Team Invited to Centenary Celebration for the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

(L to R) Stephanie D’Rozario, Ashley Angus, Supreme Court Justice Clyde Croft, Sophie Miller, Jagpreet Sandhu

On 5 March 2015, the La Trobe Vis Moot Team attended the Centenary Celebration for the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb). CIArb was founded in London in 1915 and the Australian Branch opened in 1995. The Vis Team was fortunate to be invited by Albert Monichino QC, the current President of the CIArb Australian Branch. Mr Monichino has also generously assisted the Vis Moot Team in preparing for competitions to be held in Hong Kong and Vienna later this month.

The CIArb Centenary Celebration acknowledged the instrumental work that notable members of the Australian legal community have played in furthering the work of CIArb and in growing the Australian Branch. The guest speaker was Neil Kaplan CBE QC SBS, who has arbitrated hundreds of international arbitrations, and has served as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Hong Kong. Neil played a vital role in supporting the creation of the Australian Branch.

In attending the Centenary Celebration last week the Vis Team learnt about the history and future of international arbitration in Australia. With the rapidly developing trade hub of Asia, Australia is an ideal neutral choice for conducting arbitrations. It is an exciting time for Australian arbitrators, and students who are considering entering this field. The Vis Team will continue to learn more as they progress through the competition.

The Law and Justice blog will follow the Vis Moot Team as they progress through international competitions later in the month. The La Trobe Law School thanks the Vis Moot Team for all their hard work in preparing for the competitions and wishes them all the best in their travels.

Marc Trabsky