La Trobe Law School Students Participate in the Poker Machines Harm Whittlesea Campaign

(L to R) Jack Spencer, Fariha Zaima, Christina Hill

Christina Hill and Fariha Zaima, LLB students at La Trobe Law School quickly got into the practical action of law reform, while completing a placement at Whittlesea Community Legal Centre in 2014. They attended a local Council meeting and appeared as the face of the Whittlesea Interagency Taskforce on Gambling (WITOG) for an article published in the Northern Star Weekly on 3 March 2015. Their work researched legal recourse for victims of problem gambling. 

“Having students who live and have connections in the area gives more depth to the project” says Jemal Ahmet, CEO of Whittlesea Community Connections and spokesperson for WITOG.

Their passion for the subject, and understanding of the local community, means that their actions are real and have legitimacy. They are local people responding to local challenges. 

Their placement was part of a new law subject called Legal Internships (LAW4INT), which was developed in 2014 by La Trobe Law School and coordinated by Frances Gibson. The subject has seen later year law students placed as interns in law firms all over Victoria.

To keep in touch with whats going on in the Poker Machines Harm Whittlesea campaign, or to volunteer, check out their Facebook page.

Marc Trabsky