La Trobe Law School’s Careers Connect Fair 2015

The Careers Connect Fair 2015 was held on Wednesday 25 March at the La Trobe Law School’s City Campus. The fair was organised by the La Trobe University Law Students’ Association and the La Trobe Law School.

The event was opened by the Head of School, Professor Patrick Keyzer, and it featured representatives from VicBar, The Australian Government Solicitor, Victoria Police, Office of Public Prosecution, Victorian Legal Aid, Ernst & Young, PWC, Red Cross (IHL), Victorian Government Solicitors Office, Magistrates Court of Victoria, FMC Mediation and Counselling Victoria and more.

Career Fair 1

Career Fair 2

Career Fair 3

Career Fair 4

Careers Fair 6


La Trobe Law School would like to thank Maiken Hansen, Tahanna Byatt, Kerri Smith and Marc Trabsky for helping to organise this event.

Marc Trabsky

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