La Trobe Law Week Event 2015: ‘The Legalities of Donor Linking’

La Trobe Law School, Law Week Victoria and Transforming Human Societies Research Focus Area at La Trobe University warmly invites you to a public event on ‘The Legalities of Donor Linking: Bringing Recipients, Donors and Offspring Together’ at the City Campus on Friday 15 May 2015.

As more and more donor conceived people seek information about their genetic origins, it has become clear that our laws are inadequate. Victoria will soon open up its donor records so that it is easier for donor conceived individuals to access information about their donor(s). In this panel discussion, speakers will address the practical, legal and social implications of donor linking. Dr Fiona Kelly from the Law School at La Trobe University and an expert on families created through assisted reproduction, will Chair a panel featuring:

Louise Johnson, CEO of the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority

Lauren Burns, a donor conceived adult who met her donor and an advocate for legal change

Michael Williams, a donor conceived adult who is unable to access his donor’s details

George Deka & Kerrie Hancox, a sperm donor and recipient who fell in love and are now raising two daughters together


Date: Friday 15 May 2015

Time: 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Venue: La Trobe University City Campus, Level 20, 360 Collins St, Melbourne

Cost: Free. Light refreshments will be served.

RVSP: Register via Eventbrite. For more information contact f.kelly@latrobe.edu.au

This event is supported by Law Week Victoria, 11-17 May 2015.

Marc Trabsky