Marc Trabsky on ‘Law, Death Masks and Ned Kelly’ at Bendigo

Marc Trabsky, Lecturer at La Trobe Law School will be presenting a guest lecture on Ned Kelly’s remains – ‘Death Masks and the Visual Regime of the Coroner’s Office’ – at the La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre on Saturday 30 May 2015.

The lecture is part of a new undergraduate subject titled ‘Exhibiting Culture: Imagining Ned’. The subject is tailored to the Imagining Ned exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery and it will be open to all La Trobe University undergraduate students. Marc will examine in his lecture the history of the use of the death mask in coronial institutions and forensic medicine, paying close attention to Ned Kelly’s mask and the capacity of the mask to speak on behalf of the dead. More information about this innovative subject can be found here.

Marc Trabsky