The Lawyering for Change report by Agata Wierzbowski

Agata Wierzbowski, a solicitor at the Consumer Action Law Centre and the Community Legal Centre Fellow of 2014/2015, recently released The Lawyering for Change Report. Agata was hosted by La Trobe Law School while she completed initial research for the project in early 2015.

The Lawyering for Change Report examines how community legal centre lawyers can best use their legal cases to achieve both justice for their clients and social change for their communities. Drawing on interviews with lawyers and thinkers across Australia, as well as the UK, USA, Canada, and South Africa, the report suggests seven best practice principles of strategic lawyering for community legal centres.

As part of her research, Agata created a blog – Keeping Them Honest – to record her research, interviews, and discussions with lawyers and thinkers.

The Community Legal Centre Fellowship is an annual grant provided to a community lawyer to research an issue relevant to the legal sector and the broader Victorian community, and offered by the Victorian Law Foundation.


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