Recent Article by Associate Professor Savitri Taylor in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

La Trobe Law School academic, Associate Professor Savitri Taylor, recently published ‘The Myth of Transit: the Making of a Life by Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Indonesia’ in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies with Swinburne researchers Robyn Sampson and Professor Sandra Gifford. The article delves into what it means to be in transit as a refugee in Indonesia today:

An increasing number of migrants are living in a state of indefinite ‘transit’. In this paper, we report on interviews conducted in 2009 with 59 refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia and describe how these individuals make a life despite their circumstances. While all participants were deeply affected by their position of uncertainty and insecurity, most sought to transcend these conditions and pursue significant life projects such as getting married, having children, becoming part of the local community, and working towards a better future. The current conceptualisation of transit as life in limbo does not wholly account for such permanent, life-changing experiences. We analyse the reasons why the use of the term ‘transit’ persists in international policy settings despite its incongruities, arguing that its ongoing political valence overrides its conceptual flaws.

The full article can be accessed, here.

Dr Savitri Taylor will also be joining Labor MP Anna BurkeGreens Senator Sarah Hanson-YoungJulian Burnside AO QC, and Refugee Legal Director David Manne in a panel discussion on ‘Legally Defensible? A Legal Examination of Refugee Policies and Associated Implications’ on 18 February 2016 at La Trobe Law School’s City Campus.

More information on this event can be found here.

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