Global Change, Peace and Security – General Call for Papers

Global Change, Peace and Security is published by Routledge in association with the School of Law, La Trobe University, Australia. The journal is now accepting manuscripts for possible publication. Visit the GCPS webpage for additional information about the journal, instructions for authors, or submit manuscripts through our online platform.

GCPS is internationally refereed with a double-blind process. Submissions are refereed by specialists in the field for originality, structural integrity and factual accuracy. An editorial review, referee reports and the author’s response to these reports form the basis of the decision whether to publish submitted articles
In addition to research manuscripts, we encourage submissions in the form of communication articles and substantive book reviews.


Global Change, Peace & Security is a leading internationally refereed journal that addresses the difficult practical and theoretical questions posed by a rapidly globalising world. By focusing on the international dimension of political, economic and cultural life, it cuts across the traditional boundaries that separate states, economies and societies, as well as disciplines and ideologies.

GCPS seeks to illuminate the sharp and often perplexing contradictions of an increasingly integrated yet fragmented world. Ethno-nationalism, the break-up of established states, and religious and civilizational divisions coexist with new forms of economic and financial integration. Gross violations of human rights, environmental degradation, large and uncontrolled population movements, and rapidly expanding transnational crime are taking place at a time of unparalleled UN activism, and the rise of a host of new legal and institutional arrangements, both regionally and globally.

GCPS to explore these trends and counter-trends. It endeavours to foster a more holistic interpretation of the dichotomy of competitive geopolitics and geoconomics on the one hand and emerging conceptions of common, comprehensive and human security on the other. It analyses the sources and consequences of conflict, violence and insecurity, but also the conditions and prospects for conflict transformation, peacekeeping and peace-building.

GCPS intends to bring to this task the insights of diverse cultural and intellectual traditions, not least the increasingly influential and diverse perspectives of the Asia-Pacific region. Its aim is to contribute to a scholarly and cosmopolitan dialogue on the nature, origins and remedies of the contemporary human predicament.

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