Cover Letter & Resumes: sharpen your skills with Kris Young

Workshop 1: Cover Letter & Resumes

Cover letters are meant to convey your personality, enthusiasm and professional strengths. Successful resumes are visually powerful and contain the most relevant content to showcase your skills and experience for the specific job.

The best overall applications are tailored and targeted to the specific job and employer. The ultimate success is to have the employer read your application and be immediately impressed and excited to invite you to the next step in the process.

Unfortunately, most job applications are caught in the large middle ‘Maybe’ pile. Not strong enough to move straight to ‘Yes’, but just enough quality to stay out of ‘No’. It is easy to get lost in the middle. With a few key changes, you can dramatically improve your chances to land in the ‘Yes’ category and be invited to continue in the process.

This workshop will help you:

  • Understand the application process and the recruiter experience
  • Pick up specific tips to improve your cover letters and resumes
  • Make the best possible on-paper impression

Come join us for a session that will help take your existing cover letters and resumes to the next level and help present the best you to future employers!

Workshop 2: Social Media & Networking


Social Media is a powerful tool if you can harness it to your advantage. Assess where you stand in the following three areas:

First, you must be aware of your social presence. Employers are using every means they can to find out about you. Ask yourself: are they going to like what they find?

Second, successful social media users are proactive and use all of the social avenues available to them to search out information, make connections, apply for jobs and present their best professional self to the world. In this workshop we  will see what it takes  to make the most of every opportunity. What are examples of what successful users are doing?

Third, social media is a great networking tool. Connecting online is a great way to start conversations and relationships with (and between) people in your profession. Who could you connect with? Who could you connect?

In Person

Whilst online interaction is so important, at some point, to be the most impactful, networking must be face-to-face. This type of networking does not come naturally for most people.  Many people envision walking alone into a formal dressed-up event where you are trying to get to know large groups of unfamiliar people and discuss unfamiliar topics. That experience would be daunting for most anyone!

The reality is networking is a give-and-take. It’s also a skill you are already using in your jobs, classes, and socially. With a few tips you can learn how to apply the networking skills you already have in more formal settings with potential colleagues and future employers.

From this session you will:

  • See networking as a skill that you can learn (and maybe even master)
  • Have questions to ask in a formal networking session
  • View networking as a way to mine for info for your job application
  • Learn what good networkers are doing online and in-person

Come join us for a workshop that will help you assess your online presence and learn to make the most of social applications. You will also start to see face-to-face networking as your best opportunity to make an impression that will help you in your career.

Presenter Biography

Kris Young is an experienced career management professional who has worked with thousands of professionals and students to achieve career success. In her current role she is the People & Culture/Psychology Manager with an investment and advisory firm in the Melbourne CBD.

Over the past 12 years Kris has worked in HR Consulting, as well as held Careers Services roles within US and Australian Universities. From 2008-2012 she oversaw all career services for La Trobe Law School where she helped law students think about their future career goals and put together successful and impactful applications that secured interviews for internship, vacation and graduate roles.

Seminar Dates

Date: Wednesday, 18 May 2016

12pm to 1pm

Venue: La Trobe University City Campus, Level 20, 360 Collins St, Melbourne

Cost: Free

For further information, please contact Lise Leitner via l.leitner@Latrobe.edu.au.

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