LLS Staff Seminar #3: Theorising Sovereign Debts

In the third La Trobe Law School Staff Seminar for 2016, Dr Maria Giannacopoulos, Senior Lecturer at Flinders Law School will theorise the discourse of sovereign debt in Australia and Greece.


In this talk Maria Giannacopoulos theorises Australia’s colonial history and its sovereign debt alongside the neo-liberal assimilationism and austerity in Greece in order to generate a conceptual space from which to track the historical and contemporary configurations of colonial power globally. She makes the argument that Australia does have a sovereign debt crisis and that Greece is currently gripped by colonising forces in the guise of neo-liberal austerity. In order do this, the mutually constitutive relation between sovereignty and debt will be revealed: debt transforms sovereign power just as sovereign power transforms debt. This approach to sovereign debt moves away from purely economic and political discussions in order to reveal the legalities of the colonising force embedded within this concept. After all, the eco(nomic) is always already a legal configuration.


Dr Maria Giannacopoulos is a Senior Lecturer in Socio-Legal Studies and the Postgraduate Coordinator at Finders Law School. She has been teaching in both Socio-legal studies and Criminal Justice. She holds a double Honours degree in Law and English Literature and a PhD in Cultural Studies. Her research is interdisciplinary and primarily focuses on the complex relationship between law, justice and sovereignty with a specific emphasis on racialised communities (Aboriginal peoples, refugees and migrants) in Australia.  In addition to this, she is exploring the impact of sovereign debt on notions of democracy and national sovereignty in the context of contemporary debt ‘crises’ in Europe.


Date: Thursday 5 May 2016

Time: 12.45pm to 2pm

Venue: Martin Building, Level 3, Room 362A, La Trobe University, Bundoora

Cost: Free

RVSP: Please register via Eventbrite by Tuesday 3 May 2016.

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