Law Week 2016: ‘Donor Conception: from Anonymity to Openness’: 19 May 2016

An Insight into Donor Linking and the Law in Victoria

La Trobe University will be co-hosting a Law Week Twilight Seminar with the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority on 19 May. The seminar will address Victoria’s new donor linking legislation which enables all donor conceived people, as well as sperm donors, to access each other’s identities. Victoria is the first jurisdiction in the world to permit retrospective access to sperm donor records. The seminar, which features Associate Professor Fiona Kelly from La Trobe Law School, will consider how the new laws will work from a variety of perspectives.

New laws will give donor-conceived Victorians an automatic right to available identifying information about their donor, regardless of when they were born. While donors will no longer have the right to determine whether their identities are revealed to their donor offspring, the new laws will provide protective measures and allow donors control over how – or if – they have contact with those with whom they are biologically linked. VARTA will manage the Donor Registers from 1 March 2017, and continue to provide support for donors, donor-conceived-people and recipient parents.

This seminar will touch on the new legislation and its implications. You will hear from:

  • Louise Johnson, VARTA CEO providing an overview of VARTA’s role under new donor conception laws
  • Kate Bourne, VARTA Donor Registers Service Manager discussing donor linking etiquette
  • Dr Fiona Kelly, Associate Professor, Law School, La Trobe University busting some of the common myths about donor-linking and the law
  • A panel of donor-conceived people, recipient parents and donors many of whom have experienced donor-linking

This event is brought to you by VARTA, in collaboration with La Trobe University and Russell Kennedy for Law Week 2016.


Date: Thursday 19 May 2016

Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Venue: Russell Kennedy, Level 12, 469 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Cost: $10

Register: Please RSVP via Eventbrite.

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