La Trobe Law School Wellbeing Week Schedule for 2016

You can tell by the weary looks from students and staff around the Law School that it is week nine, otherwise known as the ‘heads-down’ end of semester. It’s around this time of semester that you may feel like you are behind with reading, stressed about impending assessment and exams or struggling with the work-uni-home juggle.  All the more reason why we have put together a program for Wellbeing Week that seeks to support students in developing resilience, accessing supportive resources, looking out for one another and starting honest conversations about the wellbeing challenges that law school involves. Working together with the Law Students Association, UniSport and the Counselling, Special Consideration and Equity and Diversity units, we’re delighted to present the schedule for the inaugural La Trobe Law School Wellbeing week.

The key events for the week are the Surviving Law School Forums – one each for LLB students, JD students and research higher degree students. For each forum, we’ve pulled together a panel including recent and not-so-recent law graduates and we’ll be asking them to talk about their own experiences in managing their wellbeing through law school in terms of the Catherine Aird quote, ‘If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning’.  We’ll also be putting to the panel a series of wellbeing dilemmas – how did they balance work and study? What happened to their studies when a crisis hit? Did they have to choose between getting enough sleep to stay sane and getting their assignments done? Expect helpful tips, procrastination confessions, laughs and door prizes.

With the support of UniSport, we are delighted to announce that we have 150 vouchers to give away to enable students to enjoy a free swim or gym session – with exercise being a key strategy to reduce stress, and to treat mild depression and anxiety, along with a number of La Trobe hoodies.  We’ll be giving away prizes at every session, as well as for the funniest and most helpful wellbeing tips contributed to our Wellbeing Survey. Take a moment now to click into the survey here and contribute your wellbeing tips, or to suggest a wellbeing issue or dilemma for the panel to discuss at the forums.

For more information on what events will be taking place and where, please see our Wellbeing Week Poster:

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