Seasonal Clerkship Careers Events 2016

Next week La Trobe Law School will host a seminar on how to apply for a Seasonal Clerkship, as well as several Seasonal Clerkship Application Workshops in small groups. The workshops will provide students with customised feedback on their resumes and cover letters and will be led by La Trobe University’s career development professional, Denise Egan.

Applying for Seasonal Clerkships Seminar

Applying for Seasonal Clerkships is an important first step in seeking legal experience and insights into the daily work of law firms. Being successful in gaining a Clerkship gives students a distinct advantage when applying for graduate legal traineeships. However, as the process is competitive, it is essential that you know what firms are looking for in applications and tailor your resume and cover letter to meet their requirements as best you can. This session will cover the clerkship application process, advice on targeting your firm and tips on how to tailor your application to stand out from the rest.

Seasonal Clerkship Application Workshop

Clerkship application review workshop for law students applying for seasonal clerkships. Bring along your draft application either on a laptop or hardcopy to this small group interactive workshop and we will work through what to include in each section of your resume and cover letter. There will be opportunities for individual questions and queries. Before attending we advise that you attend the clerkship application seminar or read the clerkship information on the Law Careers LMS page.


Denise Egan is a Career development professional with over 15 years of experience in careers consulting, management and delivery of career education programs in schools, TAFE colleges, universities and private institutions. As a Manager of the BPP Law School Careers Service (London), Denise led a team across two campuses in the provision of legal career education and employment services, helping law students to gain training contracts and graduate positions. As part of this role Denise recruited students for a number of law firm vacation programs (clerkships) and traineeships. She also ran law careers events and coordinated a law student mentoring program.

In her current role at La Trobe University, Denise is responsible for conducting career counselling and facilitating career learning through the provision of 1:1 consultations, workshops, faculty based career programs and the development of online careers resources. She co-wrote and was a lecturer for a third year Bachelor of Arts subject titled ‘Contemporary Workplace Issues’. Most recently Denise redesigned and updated the La Trobe Law School Careers page on the LMS.

Seminar Dates

Law Student Seminar: Applying for Seasonal Clerkships

Date: 9 May 2016

10am to 11am

Venue: La Trobe Law School Moot Court (SS 232), La Trobe University Melbourne Campus

Law Seasonal Clerkship Application Workshops


1 – Friday 13 May 10:00am

2 – Friday 13 May 11:00am

3 – Friday 13 May 2:00pm

4 – Monday 16 May 10:00am

5 – Monday 16 May 11:00am; and

6- Monday 16 May 4:00pm

Venue: La Trobe Law School Moot Court (SS 232), La Trobe University Melbourne Campus

Register: Students can allocate in a workshop through the La Trobe University Career Hub.

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