Associate Professor Dr Fiona Kelly in The Monthly

We warmly congratulate La Trobe Law School’s Associate Professor Dr Fiona Kelly who was featured in The Monthly in May 2016.

The Monthly Essay entitled Trans Teens: When human nature and the law intersect explores the plight that is faced by trans teens and their families when engaging with the legal system.

The piece more broadly discusses the impact of the Re Jamie decision of 2013 which ruled that trans teens who wanted to take the stage-two cross-sex hormones would first have to prove to the court that they were capable of understanding the changes they sought.

Dr Kelly addressed the impact that the court process has on families and teens who are going through this process. She asserts that

Parents may have to take a great deal of time off work and risk being penalised for that, while many of the youngsters are typically at the age where they’re going through their final years at high school, and some find that they can miss up to a year of classes.

Consequently, the court process is timely, costly and emotionally draining for all involved.

The article also made reference to the significant work that Dr Kelly is currently completing with a grant from the Victorian Law foundation. The article can be accessed here.


Havovi Panthaki