La Trobe Law School congratulates the winners of the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition!

La Trobe Law School congratulates the winners of the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition, Mr Tam Tran Thanh and Ms Christina Platz, who were placed first and second respectively in the Law School heat.

The 3MT competition is an exhilarating exercise, where Masters and PhD students are given three minutes to communicate their research projects clearly and succinctly before a panel of judges. Competitors are allowed to use one static powerpoint slide during the presentation. Without access to any other props or costumes, it is the ability of a speaker to transmit passion and enthusiasm for their highly specialised research which takes centre stage.

Our 2016 winner, Tam, is currently enrolled in the LLM-R, with the intention of applying to undertake a PhD. His thesis examines the harmful effects of bid rigging in Vietnam. Tam’s research demonstrates that there have been no official investigations into bid rigging by the Vietnamese competition authorities since legislation outlawing the practice came into effect in 2005, despite repeated media reports which suggest that the practice is prevalent. Tam argues that the absence of enforcement has a significant and detrimental impact on Vietnam’s economy and the aim of his thesis is to contribute to the discourse aimed at cultural change.

Christina Platz was the runner-up in this year’s competition. A PhD candidate who plans to submit her thesis later this year, Christina’s research focuses on issues related to the domestic enforcement of international copyright law, especially in relation to technology-assisted infringements.

The judges noted in their summing up that all of our competitors did an excellent job communicating the importance of their research, and that their enthusiasm and dedication needed no translation.

Tam and Christina will now represent the Law School at the ASSC College semi-final in August. The college winners compete at the University final in September, and the winners of the University competition will be invited to compete in New Zealand and Asia. We wish Tam and Christina well in the next round of the competition.

La Trobe