La Trobe Law School offers New Subject: Refugee Law in Context

Refugee Law in Context is a new Masters of Law subject being offered by La Trobe Law School in 2016. It is being taught by Associate Professor Dr Savitri Taylor, who has been researching and publishing in the area for 25 years and also has a long history of involvement with the not-for-profit refugee sector.

The subject explores aspects of Australian refugee law and policy in a regional and international context. As well as examining the international and domestic legal frameworks for dealing with refugees, the subject considers the political and social context in which law and policy is formulated and applied. Throughout the subject, the role of law in promoting refugee protection is evaluated, areas requiring reform are identified, and strategies for change considered.

Christmas Island Detention Centre

By DIAC images – Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre, CC BY 2.0

The face-to-face teaching consists of 5 x 7 hour lecture/workshops on weekdays during the day from Wednesday 28 September – Tuesday 4 October 2016 at the Melbourne (Bundoora) campus.

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The subject is available to La Trobe University students enrolled in LMLC or LMGB or LMLGBL or LMLI or LMCL or LMIBL or LML or LMGBL or LMJD or AMIDV or AMID or AMIR or who have the permission of Law School. It is also available to postgraduate students at other universities for cross-institutional enrolment and to graduates, who are not currently enrolled at any university, for short course/single subject enrolment (on a assessed or non-assessed basis).

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