The IOC and Russia: A complex relationship

Professor Catherine Ordway has been recently interviewed on The Midday Report ABC News 24 TV, Mornings with Genevieve Jacobs ABC 666 Radio Canberra, The 2cc Breakfast Show and The World Today with respect to the issues surrounding the International Olympic Committee and the Russian Olympic team’s involvement in the Rio games.

The IOC has recently come under fire as a result of their decision not to enforce a blanket ban against the Russian Olympic team from competing in the Rio games.

The ban was to come as a result of recent reports which found that the team engaged in state-sponsored doping during the 2014 Winter games.

The IOC indicated that it decided against a blanket ban to protect the rights of clean athletes who wished to compete in the Rio games. Accordingly, it is now up to individual sports federations to determine each Russian athlete’s eligibility to compete in the Rio games. “I think the international federations should have been given a heads up in a sense and be ready for this type of decision, because the IOOS has essentially gone through this path already” says Professor Ordway.

When asked why the IOC went down this path Professor Ordway discusses the complex nature of the situation and concluded by advising that “They [the IOC] have a number of other events that they were schedules to be holding in Russia. They’re a big player on the world scene. A country like Russia may be too big and too powerful for them [the IOC] to take on head on.

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