101 Law Skills Seminars: Essential Tools for Exam Success

This year, La Trobe Law School ran a range of 101 Law Skills Workshops to help students sharpen their key legal skills. We then summarised these, sharing the top tips for your law school career.

If you have missed these seminars, check out the best tips summarised in our posts listed below. We will keep this list updated with the latest posts as well, so keep an eye on this space!

Crack the Code: 10 Tips for Reading Cases

If you’re an insomniac you might love reading cases – they can, after all, be excellent sleep aids. But for most law students, it is easy to hate reading cases and they can make your time in law school downright miserable. Reading cases efficiently and effectively is truly a skill, and is crucial for every legal professional.

Read more on our top tips to make reading cases easier.

Get it together: 10 tips on making case summaries

Just like with reading cases, summarising cases is a skill that can be sharpened and practised. Summarising a case well can make a huge difference during exam time. Our ten tips will get you up to speed on how to summarise cases, no matter what your assessment or purpose.

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Find Your Foundation: 10 Tips on Writing Research Essays

Writing essays can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. It’s important to figure out a strategy and a plan before you start writing. How do you do this? Our ten tips outline all the necessary steps you need to structure your essay and formulate your argument.

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Bouncing Back: 3 Key Tips to Understand and use Feedback to your Advantage

Received some rough feedback? It can be hard to decipher teachers’ comments, and know what to do with them. Make sure to bounce back in the right way, and turn feedback into success down the track.

Read our 3 Key tips to use feedback to your advantage.

Deploying the Database: 5 ways to make online legal research work for you

Law is all about language. It can be difficult to figure out how best to start your research if you don’t have your head around the legal terms and concepts. We summarised the best tips to make online research easier.

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