Paige Yap on her Placement with The Salt Foundation: “It helped me refocus on what areas I would excel at.”

by Claire Thomas

Paige Yap is completing her final year for her bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies. She was placed with The Salt Foundation, which is a not-for-profit organisation that provides programs to promote a state of physical, social and mental wellbeing for families who need a hand.

Paige was able to use her knowledge in legal studies while she assisted Salt in grant writing and research. She learnt about the amount of passion needed to start and continue a charity through the ups and downs of funding. Paige is passionate about a career where she can make a change or impact.

When asked if she felt that the internship was beneficial to her, she said, ‘Yes, I was able to volunteer with a charity that had a lot of the same morals and beliefs that I do. This is important to me because, in planning a career path, you need to feel supported to make a difference.’

Paige recommends that fellow students undertake a placement opportunity, and says “This experience was valuable for me as I learnt where my strengths really lie. It helped me refocus on what areas I would excel at using the skills I obtained during my undergrad years.”

Through Paige’s placement with the Salt Foundation, her passion for creating an impact was reignited, whilst also learning the strong values that volunteers have to charities.

The Salt Foundation

Roger Donnelly, from the Salt Foundation advised that one of the reasons they select La Trobe University students is because they show great attitude, are punctual, creative and intelligent.  He went on to say that some of the projects that students have been involved in are seeking funding opportunities, writing program briefs, reviewing programs and providing feedback and participating in the delivery of programs such as Food Relief, Community Meals.

One of the major tasks allocated to Paige was to write up a Youth Program that the Foundation hoped to run with DHHS youth who are at risk of doing jail time or some type of community obligation. Paige’s contribution to this program provided the creative ideas and energy and she also served as a sounding board for ideas.

The Foundation would definitely consider offering internship projects to La Trobe students in the future as the student contribution is invaluable.

La Trobe