Recent Publication on Coronial Law and Spatial Justice

Marc Trabsky La Trobe Law SchoolIn ‘Walking With the Dead: Coronial Law and Spatial Justice in the Necropolis’, Marc Trabsky, Lecturer, La Trobe Law School, “explores a spatial history of the office of coroner in the nineteenth century”. He “examines how the movements of the coroner incorporated the dead into the political life of the city”. This chapter was recently published in an edited collection of leading international scholars in the interdisciplinary fields of legal geography and legal theory: Spaces of Justice: Peripheries, Passages, Appropriations (Routledge, 2017). It is amongst the first publication in Australia about the history of the office of coroner in the nineteenth century. Trabsky writes that “[t]he manner in which this officer collected the dead, hawked their corpse from one public house to another, and conducted inquests in crowded taverns, unravels the complexity of legal relations between the living and the dead”. It sheds light on how the coroner enfolded the dead into cultural, social and political narratives of the city. The chapter thus explores the past to question how techniques of place-making remain inherent in the role of the coroner and how a lawful place for the dead is essential for the administration of justice in the twenty-first century.

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