Savitri Taylor in The Monthly: ‘For a rights-based response to asylum seekers’

On 28 April 2017, La Trobe Law School’s Associate Professor Savitri Taylor published a piece called ‘For a rights-based response to Asylum Seekers Australia must work towards a medium-term solution‘, together with academics Klaus Neumann, Anne McNevin, Antje Missbach, and Damir Mitric. The piece is written as a response to a recent article by Robert Manne in the Monthly, which appeared in response to a comment by Klaus Neumann that was initially posted in March on the Refugee Research Blog:

While there is no sustainable short-term solution that would address our concerns about legality and justice at the same time as being politically palatable, we argue that in the medium term the Australian government has other options at its disposal. These include a meaningful engagement with its neighbours and a concerted effort to convince Australians that asylum seekers, even if they arrived in large numbers, do not pose a threat to the community. Above all, we believe that Australia’s response to asylum seekers and refugees ought to be informed by its capacity, its status as a regional power, its international legal obligations, and its moral responsibility towards men, women and children seeking its protection.

About the authors

Klaus Neumann is professor of history at Deakin University. Anne McNevin is an international relations scholar and an associate professor at the New School in New York. Antje Missbach is an anthropologist and a senior research fellow at Monash University. Damir Mitric has a background in history and law, and works as a senior lecturer at La Trobe Learning and Teaching. Savitri Taylor is an associate professor at La Trobe Law School.

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