Honorary Justice Michael Kirby celebrates 25th anniversary of La Trobe Law School

On the evening of 4 May 2017, Honorary Justice Michael Kirby was a panel member for La Trobe University’s bold thinking lecture on Health, Law and Sexuality. He was joined by fellow panel members Professor Gary Dowsett (Director of ARCSHS), and La Trobe Law School’s Professor Anne-Maree Farrell (Director of the Centre for Health Law and Society).

Justice Kirby’s speech explored his work with the United Nations’ work on human rights, HIV/AIDS, and sexual and reproductive health issues. He also reviewed the situation for sexual and gender minorities in relation to international and criminal law in his speech.

Professor Gary Dowsett, spoke about the increasing centrality of sexuality to the politics and social life in the last 100 years. After this, Professor Anne-Maree Farrell spoke about the changing relations between the law, sexuality and health in the twenty-first century and how these need to be addressed when creating policies.

During the day, Honorary Justice Michael Kirby visited La Trobe Law School to celebrate its 25th anniversary. During the day, Justice Kirby spoke to the students about La Trobe Law School’s history and its contribution to legal scholarship in the last 25 years. Students attending also had the opportunity to ask Judge Kirby questions at the end of his lecture.

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