Dr Kerstin Steiner joins La Trobe Law School

Dr Kerstin Steiner has recently joined La Trobe Law School as an Associate Professor of Law.

Kerstin’s research interests include the study of Southeast Asian legal systems, touching on issues such as: comparative law methodology when undertaking Southeast Asian legal studies; notions of legal pluralism in particular in regards to the applicability of Islamic law in Southeast Asia; and implementation, adaptation and interpretation of international law in the Southeast Asian context.

Her research expertise in this area has been acknowledged through numerous visiting positions at highly prestigious institutions including the Asian Law Institute (ASLI) at the National University of Singapore; the Graduate School of Politics and Law, Osaka University; and the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford University. She presented her research extensively locally and internationally at a range of prestigious institutions including the University of Oxford; the University of Warwick; the National University of Singapore; and at the Australian Institute for International Affairs. In 2013, she was an invited expert speaker on Islamic law in Malaysia for a symposium on ‘The Contemporary Implementation of Islamic Law in Iran, Malaysia, and Indonesia: A Comparative Study’, organised by The Protection Project at The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Washington, DC.

You can access some of her media research commentary online, for instance:

  • Radio Interview on 1MDB Scandal, ABC RN for Between the Lines with Tom Schwitzer, 5 October 2016, available at the Radio National website.
  • TV Interview on ‘The role of Zakat as an instrument for economic and social justice’ for Vantage Point by Astro Awani, 9 October 2013, available at Astro Awani website.

Her work has also been used in reports to governments and institutions, i.e. her work on zakat was used in a report for a study by the German Institute for International Cooperation (GIZ) on zakat management and she has been asked by Musawah, an international NGO, to comment on Islam in Brunei. In 2016, she was commissioned by Human Rights Resource Centre to produce an expert piece on the rule of law in Brunei for the ‘Rule of Law in ASEAN Region’.

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