Associate professor Savitri Taylor: The International Governance of Forced Migration

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LLS Associate Professor Savitri Taylor

Recently, La Trobe Law School’s Associate Professor Savitri Taylor published a chapter in a book titled, “The International Governance of Forced Migration” in A. Burke and R. Parker (eds) Global Insecurity: Futures of Global Chaos and Governance (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017) pp273-292.


The international regime intended to cater for the protection needs of forced migrants, is the refugee regime. This chapter deals with the set of treaties, declarations, resolutions, institutions, etc., which together constitute the international refugee regime. As the first section explains, there is not a single element of the regime that is truly worldwide in its application let alone its implementation. Moreover, there is one respect in which the regime is seriously underdeveloped and that is in its ability to provide durable solutions for refugees. The second section of the chapter demonstrates the weakness of the current architecture through a discussion of the response two forces migration crises which occurred in two different regions of the world in 2015: Asia and Europe. The third section, considers the way forward keeping in mind that the international refugee regime does not exist in isolation but rather overlaps with other international regimes.

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