Raphael de Vietri joins La Trobe Law School

Raphael de Vietri

Recently, Raphael de Vietri joined La Trobe Law School as a part-time lecturer.

Aside from working as a lecturer, Raphael de Vietri is also a lawyer.

He practices and teaches criminal law and related areas. He has a particular interest in criminal cases involving human rights issues, federal and transnational crime, military law, and international criminal law. He also has experience in quasi-criminal jurisdictions such as inquires, extradition, proceeds of crime, disciplinary tribunals, and administrative review.

He is experienced in both criminal defence and prosecution. He is currently the Senior Appeals Advocate at Victoria Legal Aid, where he is responsible for the provision of legal advice and representation in higher-court appeals and strategic litigation. He was previously Senior Federal Prosecutor at the Commonwealth DPP, Associate Public Defender at VLA Chambers, and a Solicitor at the Office of Public Prosecutions, Specialist Sex Offences Unit.

Raphael holds a commission (Lieutenant) as a Reserve Legal Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, and is occasionally briefed in that capacity to appear in courts-martial and military inquires.

He has appeared in many complex cases in the County Court, Supreme Court, and Court of Appeal, as well as in various administrative and disciplinary tribunals. His recent cases include:  Baker (a pseudonym) v DPP [2017] VSCA 58 (rights of the child, delay in prosecution);  Richards (a pseudonym) v The Queen (No.2) [2017] VSCA 174 (indefinite detention, unfitness to be tried);  Meadows v DPP(Cth) (No.2) [2017] VSCA (23 June 2017);  Meadows v DPP(Cth) (No.1) [2017] VSCA (8 June 2017);  Re Blencowe [2017] VSC 273 (bail pending appeal);  Richards (a pseudonym) v The Queen (No.1) [2017] VSCA 57 (bail pending appeal CMIA); DPP(Cth) v Boyles (a pseudonym) [2016] VSCA 267 (sentence appeal, child exploitation); Carroll; Secretary, Department of Social Services [2016] AATA 1070 (disability support pension); DPP v BSP [2017] VCC 608;  Director of Military Prosecutions v WTB [2017] DFM (23 March 2017).

He is a member of the Advisory Committee on International Humanitarian Law for the Australian Red Cross (Vic), and is a case reporter for the Oxford International Law Reports. He was previously a Legal Intern at the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague.

Raphael holds undergraduate qualifications in law, philosophy, political science and international relations from the University of Western Australia. He holds a Master’s in Public International Law from the Australian National University.

He has been the Honorary Vice-Consul for the Republic of Mali in Australia since 2006. In 2016 he was recognsied by the Law Institute of Victoria as an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law.

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