COVID-19 and moving online

The Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been something that has dramatically changed the course of events at La Trobe University and throughout the world. As we hover our fingers over the pause button when it comes to face to face interaction, it’s a good time to reflect on the extraordinary work that has been done by each and every one of you during these challenging times. On behalf of the law school we would like to commend our staff and students on navigating their way through the first week in the online teaching & learning space.

It is important that you all keep up to date with the latest messaging on the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as the University will continue to release communications with the rapidly changing environment.

Head over to and where you can find the latest information and links to further COVID-19 information, resources and FAQs.

We know staff and students may be feeling anxious during this time and there are various support services available on the health and wellbeing page via the Employee Assistance Program.

The message we would like to get across today is to be kind to one another and stay connected online! Please reach out if you need support or a chat. This applies to everyone – staff, students and the wider community. We are all going through this together!

We hope you all stay safe during this time and wish you all the very best with the rest of the semester.

La Trobe Law School

La Trobe