High Court Cases that changed Australia an ABC Radio National Series with Patrick Keyzer

La Trobe Law’s Professor Patrick Keyzer has been working on a series of radio broadcasts with ABC Radio National’s History Listen Programme, called “Section 71: High Court cases that changed Australia”.

There are five intriguing episodes in the series

This series revisits five key High Court cases that have shaped Australia’s political and social landscape in significant and interesting ways.

The first episode, about Croome v Tasmania, ‘The Tasmanian crime of gay sex’ will be broadcast at 11.05am this Tuesday morning, so make sure you tune in here. There will be a broadcast every Tuesday until 2 June, 2020.

The cases discussed will include the following:

  • Croome v Tasmania (1997)
  • Attorney-General (Vic); ex rel Black v Commonwealth (the Defence of Government Schools case) (1981)
  • Kartinyeri v Commonwealth (the Hindmarsh Island Bridge case) (1998) Communists, Terrorists and the High Court
  • Australian Communist Party v Commonwealth (the Communist Party case) (1951)
  • Thomas v Mowbray (the “Jihad Jack” case) (2007)

The heart of each case

This series aims to go beyond the media headlines and get down to the core of each case. It will be taking listeners behind the scenes to hear compelling and tangible stories from people on both sides of the case.

This fantastic work researched and presented by Professor Patrick Keyzer has become a very much anticipated series here at La Trobe Law. We hope you can all tune in for a little “history listen” with Patrick, who will be presenting with Jane Lee from Radio National in the upcoming broadcasts!


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