Matthew Deetlefs and Alex Chan share their rewarding experiences being part of the La Trobe Law Students’ Association Committee

About the LSA

Founded over 25 years ago, the La Trobe Law Students’ Association (LSA) is a student-run charity dedicated to representing La Trobe law students’ interests and providing opportunities for growth and development. Matthew Deetlefs, outgoing President, and Alex Chan, outgoing Director of Careers, share their experiences on what it’s like being part of the LSA committee. As nominations are now open for the 2020/21 committee (and close 2 August), they both highly encourage students to nominate.

A message from the LSA President Matthew Deetlefs

I’ve been part of the LSA committee since 2017. I was initially unsuccessful in my nomination for the LSA, and I nominated again during a subsequent by-election where I was successfully elected as the Information Technology Officer. This role was then transformed into a Director role with subsequent changes to the structure of the committee, however after my term in this role I nominated for Treasurer successfully. Finally, I became President of the LSA in August 2019.

Whilst being President is a time consuming role which requires you to lead 35 odd committee members, it has been a particularly rewarding experience given the contributions the LSA makes to La Trobe law students. As a beneficiary of these contributions myself as a student, I was eager to become part of the LSA. In doing so, the LSA has continued to provide me with opportunities to grow, whilst helping my cohort do so too!

Whether it be attending the Law Ball and Maritime Cruise every year, attending careers events, competing in competitions, attending educational seminars or reading publications, the LSA has enriched my time at Law School. I’ve been fortunate to meet so many amazing people along the way, both at La Trobe and outside the university.

I can’t recommend being part of the LSA enough, or at the very least, taking advantage of the information and opportunities we provide during your time at Law School. Although this year has been hard as we’ve had to reassess where we can add value in the online world, the committee has done an amazing job! Although my time on the committee is coming to an end, I’ll continue to take advantage of the opportunities the LSA provides law students.

Director of Careers Alex Chan’s experience

For students who want to get involved in the Law School community, being part of the LSA is such a wonderful experience. Having been on the committee since 2018, I have held three different positions. As a First-Year Representative, I was a Competitions Officer which then transferred into a Careers Officer and at present, I am the Director of Careers.

As Director of Careers, I have been provided with an invaluable experience which has assisted me in all facets of my law degree. I have been able to work with like-minded passionate individuals and develop numerous skills, particularly in teamwork and communication.

Furthermore, this has opened an abundance of opportunities including being able to connect with firm representatives when organising numerous presentations and networking nights. I would encourage anyone who is looking to enhance their law school experience to apply for our upcoming election! 

For more information on the upcoming election please head to:

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