Career Expert Kris Young’s Top Tips for Perfecting your Resume and Cover Letter

Kris Young careers

On Tuesday 19 April 2016, the La Trobe Law School welcomed Kris Young to present a workshop on taking your cover letters and resumes to the next level. We have summarised her top 5 tips to turn an average resume… Continue Reading

How do you Launch a Law Career in the US? 5 Key Tips from US Lawyer Andrew David

Andrew David

On Thursday 7 April 2016, the La Trobe Law School welcomed Andrew David to present a seminar on practicing law in the US. We have summarised his top 5 tips for Australians wanting to launch their law career in US: 1. Understand… Continue Reading

La Trobe Law School Wellbeing Week: share your tips on how to get through law school!

If you sometimes feel like law school is doing your head in, you are not the only one. Research indicates that law students are more likely than other university students to face depression and anxiety. Those statistics take on a… Continue Reading


Cover Letter & Resumes: sharpen your skills with Kris Young

Kris Young careers

Workshop 1: Cover Letter & Resumes Cover letters are meant to convey your personality, enthusiasm and professional strengths. Successful resumes are visually powerful and contain the most relevant content to showcase your skills and experience for the specific job. The… Continue Reading

Get it together: 10 tips on making case summaries

On the 15th of March, La Trobe Law School ran the second 101 Law Skills Workshop of 2016. Organised throughout the semester, these workshops aim to sharpen your legal and professional skills and provide you with some handy tips for… Continue Reading

Water Lore

By Francine Rochford As parts of Victoria are warned of ‘flash flooding’ and the most appropriate Oaks Day fascinator would have a nautical theme, it’s difficult to remember that last week many farmers cut their crops for hay. There hadn’t… Continue Reading

Staff Snapshot #3: Dr Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly La Trobe Law

Welcome to the third staff snapshot for 2015. Each month we will interview a La Trobe Law School academic about their research interests and career trajectories. Today’s post features Fiona Kelly, Senior Lecturer and Director of Research, who teaches, researches and writes about family… Continue Reading