2017 Wellbeing Week Schedule Released!

You can tell by the weary looks from students and staff around the Law School that it is close to exam time, otherwise known as the ‘heads-down’ end of semester. It’s around this time of semester that you may feel… Continue Reading

Information & Advocacy: The Lifeblood of a Functioning National Disability Insurance Scheme

By Darren O’Donovan The notion of choice – the ability to choose and plan the delivery of your supports is fundamental to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The central goal upon its creation was a shift from the rationed, top… Continue Reading

The Negative Impact of Negative Gearing

La Trobe Law School La Trobe University

By Alicia Robson-Garth The growing unaffordability of houses in capital cities is causing most young Australians to think of entering the property market as a distant reality. The unrestricted practice of negative gearing contributes to this situation as highlighted by… Continue Reading