Dr Darren O’Donovan in featured in the news

Earlier this week, La Trobe Law School’s senior lecturer Dr Darren O’Donovan was featured on various news channels, after publishing his blog piece titled, ‘Querying the Government’s Authority to “Correct the Record‘. Dr Darren O’Donovan was quoted in articles published… Continue Reading

The prohibition on torture: An essential element of national security policies

By Darren O’Donovan What does it take to believe torture works? Why do we as a society often debate hypothetical ticking time bomb scenarios, and what does it say about our public discourse that they are so prominent? In this… Continue Reading

Enforcement Mechanisms for Improving Australia’s Compliance with Decisions of the United Nations Human Rights Petition System – Part 2

Patrick Keyzer Darren O' Donovan

By Professor Patrick Keyzer (Head of La Trobe Law School) and Darren O’Donovan (Senior Lecturer in Law at La Trobe Law School, from June 2016) In our previous blog we discussed the Australian Government’s response to UNHRC decisions in a… Continue Reading


How can Australia Improve its Record of Compliance with the United Nations Human Rights Petition System?

Patrick Keyzer Darren O' Donovan

The Head of La Trobe Law School, Professor Patrick Keyzer, and Dr Darren O’Donovan, who will be joining La Trobe Law School as a Senior Lecturer in May 2016, recently published a co-written book chapter discussing the relationship between Australia… Continue Reading