Why do we need to know more about dispute resolution in China?

By Huaning Gu In Australia, China often feels far away with a different social system, legal system and culture. So why is there a need for Australians to inform themselves about Chinese dispute resolution? Mediation in China: an old tradition… Continue Reading

Public lecture: Kerstin Steiner on the tangled web of politics, economics and law: the crisis management of 1MDB scandal

In this public lecture, La Trobe Law School’s Associate Professor Kerstin Steiner will present a paper titled ‘The Tangled Web of Politics, Economics and Law: The Crisis Management of 1MDB Scandal’. Abstract In 2015, allegations of mismanagement of funds in… Continue Reading

Professor Jianfu Chen Invited to Speak at the University of Shanghai

Professor Jianfu Chen La Trobe Law School

On 16-17 June 2016, Professor Jianfu Chen was invited to teach an international masterclass, as well as a five-day faculty seminar, at the University of Shanghai. During the masterclass, Professor Jianfu Chen presented a paper titled ‘Is China Responsible for… Continue Reading