Staff Snapshot #3: Dr Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly La Trobe Law

Welcome to the third staff snapshot for 2015. Each month we will interview a La Trobe Law School academic about their research interests and career trajectories. Today’s post features Fiona Kelly, Senior Lecturer and Director of Research, who teaches, researches and writes about family… Continue Reading


La Trobe Law Week Event 2015: ‘The Legalities of Donor Linking’

La Trobe Law School La Trobe University

La Trobe Law School, Law Week Victoria and Transforming Human Societies Research Focus Area at La Trobe University warmly invites you to a public event on ‘The Legalities of Donor Linking: Bringing Recipients, Donors and Offspring Together’ at the City Campus… Continue Reading


Legal Personhood #2: The Foetus and Pregnant Persons

Welcome to the second blog post in a series on the theme of legal personhood. Each fortnight we will ask a La Trobe Law School academic to write about how the concept of legal personhood intersects with their research interests. Today’s… Continue Reading

LLS Staff Seminar #3: Discretionary Decision Making in Family Law – Legal Rule, Legitimate Guideline or Something Else?

In the third La Trobe Law School Staff Seminar for 2015, Associate Professor Lisa Young, School of Law, Murdoch University will examine the topic of discretionary decision making in family law. Abstract Family law is a jurisdiction characterised by discretionary decision making.… Continue Reading