Associate professor Savitri Taylor: The International Governance of Forced Migration

Savitri Taylor La Trobe Law School Immigration

Recently, La Trobe Law School’s Associate Professor Savitri Taylor published a chapter in a book titled, “The International Governance of Forced Migration” in A. Burke and R. Parker (eds) Global Insecurity: Futures of Global Chaos and Governance (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)… Continue Reading

Criminal justice reform to combat gun crime and organised crime: How far is too far?

By Fleur Beaupert Independent systems and practices reviews can provide governments with objective evaluations of the effectiveness of new law and policy regimes and whether they have been implemented in a reasonable, lawful and rights-respecting manner. I was part of… Continue Reading

LLS Staff Seminar #8: Access to Justice under the National Disability Insurance Scheme

In the eighth staff seminar, Dr Darren O’Donovan will present a paper titled ‘Access to Justice under the National Disability Insurance Scheme’. Abstract The legal framework of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is remarkably complex: purporting to harmonise core principles… Continue Reading