Dr Ross Jones joins the Centre for Health Law and Society!

Dr Ross Jones has just joined the Centre for Health Law and Society as an Associate. He held research and teaching positions at both the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney after completing his PhD at Monash University… Continue Reading

Death at the Margins of the State

Last week, La Trobe Law School lecturers, and Associate Members of the Centre of Health Law & Society, Dr Laura Griffin and Marc Trabsky, travelled to the University of Bath in the United Kingdom to present papers at the Centre… Continue Reading

Staff Seminar: International Law in Australian Public Debate

In this staff seminar, Dr Madelaine Chiam will present a paper titled, ‘International Law in Australian Public Debate’. Abstract The debate over the Trump administration’s missile attacks on Syria demonstrates how governments are now routinely expected to provide international legal… Continue Reading

What do the Bill Leak cartoons have in common with nineteenth century images of Aboriginal people?

Hannah Roberts La Trobe Law School

By Hannah Robert In September last year at Friday night drinks, I was doing the hideously smug thing of showing my law school colleagues the various cover designs for my forthcoming book.  The publishers favoured one design, and I favoured… Continue Reading

Recent Publication on Coronial Law and Spatial Justice

In ‘Walking With the Dead: Coronial Law and Spatial Justice in the Necropolis’, Marc Trabsky, Lecturer, La Trobe Law School, “explores a spatial history of the office of coroner in the nineteenth century”. He “examines how the movements of the… Continue Reading

In Conversation: Hannah Robert & Anna Clark discussing Paved with Good Intentions

For the launch of  Paved with Good Intentions in October, we had planned an ‘In Conversation’ session between the author and launch-ee Hannah Robert and the illustrious launch-er (and author of no less than six books of her own), Dr… Continue Reading

La Trobe Law academic Hannah Robert publishes Paved with Good Intentions: Terra Nullius, Aboriginal Land Rights and Settler-Colonial Law

Last night, Readings Carlton welcomed a warm crowd including legal and history academics, lawyers, colleagues, and family and friends for the launch of Hannah Robert‘s first book, a legal history examining settler-colonial ideas of Aboriginal land rights, property and ‘wasteland’.… Continue Reading

LLS Staff Seminar #9: A Legal History of Lithography

In the ninth staff seminar, Dr Amanda Scardamaglia will present a paper titled ‘A Legal History of Lithography’. Abstract Charles Troedel was a master printer and lithographer, and the forgotten face behind the production of much of Australia’s registered artistic copyright… Continue Reading

Recent Article by Marc Trabsky in the International Journal of Law in Context

Marc Trabsky La Trobe Law School

Coronial manuals first appeared in Australia in the nineteenth century. They differed from their English counterparts insofar as they addressed the problem of a paucity of technical knowledge and the difficulty of transmitting legal opinions across vast frontiers. One of the most notable manuals was… Continue Reading

New issue of Law in Context: ‘Legal History Turns’

Law in Context Journal La Trobe Law School Ageing Legal History Turns

This Special Issue of Law in Context concerns legal history turns – that is, new directions or volte-faces in legal history and its interdisciplinarity. Legal history turns include deviations from historically-situated interpretations and practices in law and legal scholarship. The… Continue Reading