Conference of the Law, Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia: Dissents and Dispositions (Call for papers)

Dissent and disposition are both relational. To dissent is to disagree and be at variance: to refuse an established order, to diverge from orthodoxy, to oppose, critique, quarrel and rearrange. If political dissent is commonly understood as speaking truth to… Continue Reading

LLS Staff Seminar #5: Refugee Boats in the High Seas: In Search of a Legal Framework

In the fifth La Trobe Law School Staff Seminar for 2016, Solon Solomon will discuss the challenges of the interception of refugee boats in the high seas from an international human rights perspective. Abstract The interception of refugee boats in… Continue Reading

Associate Lecturer Tobias Barkley at the 2015 Equity Obligations Group Conference

La Trobe Law School’s Associate Lecturer, Tobias Barkley recently attended the 2015 Equity Obligations Group Conference at Melbourne Law School, where he ran a session on ‘Four Conceptual Models of the Trust’. Abstract The common law trust is impossible to define because… Continue Reading

Twilight Seminar in Melbourne: Financial Services Regulation and Financial Product Disclosure in Australia: Is it effective? What could we do better?

On the 1 of September 2015, the Banking and Financial Services Law Association (BFSLA) will host a Twilight Melbourne Seminar, focussing on financial services regulation and financial product disclosure in Australia. The Seminar will be chaired by Dr Ann Wardrop,… Continue Reading

LLS Staff Seminar #9: Defining Legal Capacity in Light of Article 12 CRPD: What is and what isn’t an exercise of legal capacity?

Anna Arstein-kerslake La Trobe University Staff Seminar

In the ninth La Trobe Law School Staff Seminar for 2015, Dr Anna Arstein-Kerslake, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne, will discuss the boundaries of legal capacity and its relevance for The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).… Continue Reading