How can I get through Law School unscathed? Five pieces of advice we picked up from Wellbeing Week 2016

With over seventy responses to out Wellbeing Week survey, we distilled the most useful ones into a list that can make your law school career easier. Here are our top 5 tips: 1. Remember to relax. Law students are the… Continue Reading

La Trobe Law School Wellbeing Week: share your tips on how to get through law school!

If you sometimes feel like law school is doing your head in, you are not the only one. Research indicates that law students are more likely than other university students to face depression and anxiety. Those statistics take on a… Continue Reading

Recent Article by Professor Paula Baron in the Australian Feminist Law Journal

Paula Baron La Trobe Law School

Professor Paula Baron, Chair of Common Law at La Trobe Law School, recently published ‘The Elephant in the Room? Lawyer Wellbeing and the Impact of Unethical Behaviours’ in the Australian Feminist Law Journal. In this article, Professor Baron looks into any unethical behaviour that… Continue Reading