Savitri Taylor in The Monthly: ‘For a rights-based response to asylum seekers’

Savitri Taylor La Trobe Law School Immigration

On 28 April 2017, La Trobe Law School’s Associate Professor Savitri Taylor published a piece called ‘For a rights-based response to Asylum Seekers Australia must work towards a medium-term solution‘, together with academics Klaus Neumann, Anne McNevin, Antje Missbach, and… Continue Reading

Rose Clayton on her internship at the ASRC: “This experience could never have been replicated in a classroom.”

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and La Trobe Law School partnered together in 2016 to create a new Fast Track Clinic for asylum seekers who had arrived by boat and needed to apply for protection. The clinic was to be… Continue Reading

The 20 year queue: Family reunion for “genuine” refugees unlikely

By Vanessa Bacchetti and Kobra Moradi Imagine being told by the Government that you must wait 20 years to see your family. This happened to 22 year old Ali, a Syrian refugee. His story was told recently by Shen Narayansamy… Continue Reading

Offshore Detention Crisis Highlights the need to Ratify OPCAT

By Thomas Weston Week after week, Australians are confronted by tragic scenes in the media that expose the inhumanity of Australia’s policy of mandatory offshore detention for boat arrivals without a valid visa. A 23-year-old Iranian man named Omid recently… Continue Reading

The ALHR Research Experience

By Tracie Stewart La Trobe University has a strong commitment to social justice and one of its most recent initiatives is its partnership with the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR). This semester students were partnered with the ALHR to complete… Continue Reading

Savitri Taylor on the Devpolicy Blog: “Nauru and the UPR: who said what and does it matter?”

Savitri Taylor La Trobe Law School Immigration

On 15 November 2015, La Trobe Law School academic, Associate Professor Savitri Taylor and independent researcher Tess Newton Cain published an article on the Development Policy Centre’s Devpolicy’s blog titled: “Nauru and the UPR: who said what and does it matter?”… Continue Reading