Associate Professor Fiona Kelly mentioned in the Herald Sun

Fiona Kelly La Trobe Law

La Trobe Law Associate Professor Fiona Kelly, appeared in The Herald Sun newspaper on 22 November 2016 in an article titled ‘Mothers’ rights always beat a donor’s‘. In the article, Associate Professor Fiona Kelly commented on how single mothers should… Continue Reading

Associate Professor Fiona Kelly speaks at the Law Council of Australia’s National Family Law Conference

Associate Professor Fiona Kelly was an invited speaker at the Law Council of Australia’s National Family Law Conference at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 19 October. In a presentation titled “Parenting Disputes of the Future?”, Fiona discussed the… Continue Reading

Fiona Kelly Interviewed on ABC 774’s Evenings with Lindy Burns

Fiona Kelly La Trobe Law

Last night, Dr Fiona Kelly, Associate Professor, La Trobe Law School, joined Lindy Burns on ABC 774’s Evenings with Lindy Burns to talk about Victoria’s new law that will retrospectively open anonymous sperm donor records. The law passed Parliament in February 2016 and will… Continue Reading

Law Week 2016: ‘Donor Conception: from Anonymity to Openness’: 19 May 2016

La Trobe Law School La Trobe University

An Insight into Donor Linking and the Law in Victoria La Trobe University will be co-hosting a Law Week Twilight Seminar with the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority on 19 May. The seminar will address Victoria’s new donor linking legislation… Continue Reading

Dr Fiona Kelly to appear before the Federal Parliamentary Friendship Group for LGBTIQ Australians

Fiona Kelly La Trobe Law

Dr Fiona Kelly, Associate Professor of La Trobe Law School, has been invited by Senator Janet Rice to participate in a panel discussion before the federal Parliamentary Friendship Group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) Australians. The Panel… Continue Reading