Trustees’ Bare Legal Title: Concept or Misconception?

Recently, La Trobe Law School Associate Lecturer Tobias Barkley published an article in the Australian Property Law Journal titled: Trustees’ Bare Legal Title: Concept or Misconception? Abstract There is a widespread idea that trustees hold a ‘bare’ or ‘dry’ title,… Continue Reading

La Trobe Law academic Hannah Robert publishes Paved with Good Intentions: Terra Nullius, Aboriginal Land Rights and Settler-Colonial Law

Last night, Readings Carlton welcomed a warm crowd including legal and history academics, lawyers, colleagues, and family and friends for the launch of Hannah Robert‘s first book, a legal history examining settler-colonial ideas of Aboriginal land rights, property and ‘wasteland’.… Continue Reading

The Negative Impact of Negative Gearing

La Trobe Law School La Trobe University

By Alicia Robson-Garth The growing unaffordability of houses in capital cities is causing most young Australians to think of entering the property market as a distant reality. The unrestricted practice of negative gearing contributes to this situation as highlighted by… Continue Reading