Climate change, disasters and displacement – a toolkit approach in Africa

Abstract Environmental disasters and climate change are now the leading causes of displacement worldwide. Last year, an estimated 24.2 million people were newly displaced by disasters, nearly four times the number displaced by conflict and violence. As the effects of… Continue Reading

Savitri Taylor in The Monthly: ‘For a rights-based response to asylum seekers’

Savitri Taylor La Trobe Law School Immigration

On 28 April 2017, La Trobe Law School’s Associate Professor Savitri Taylor published a piece called ‘For a rights-based response to Asylum Seekers Australia must work towards a medium-term solution‘, together with academics Klaus Neumann, Anne McNevin, Antje Missbach, and… Continue Reading

The 20 year queue: Family reunion for “genuine” refugees unlikely

By Vanessa Bacchetti and Kobra Moradi Imagine being told by the Government that you must wait 20 years to see your family. This happened to 22 year old Ali, a Syrian refugee. His story was told recently by Shen Narayansamy… Continue Reading

La Trobe Law School’s newest partnership with the ASRC: “It’s a great opportunity for our students to help.”

On 12 September 2016, the ASRC and the La Trobe Law School launched a new clinical legal education program where La Trobe Law School students, under the supervision of legal practitioners, will assist the ASRC to clear a backlog of… Continue Reading

La Trobe Law School offers New Subject: Refugee Law in Context

La Trobe Law School La Trobe University

Refugee Law in Context is a new Masters of Law subject being offered by La Trobe Law School in 2016. It is being taught by Associate Professor Dr Savitri Taylor, who has been researching and publishing in the area for 25 years… Continue Reading

Recent Article by Associate Professor Savitri Taylor in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Savitri Taylor La Trobe Law School Immigration

La Trobe Law School academic, Associate Professor Savitri Taylor, recently published ‘The Myth of Transit: the Making of a Life by Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Indonesia’ in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies with Swinburne researchers Robyn Sampson and… Continue Reading


Public Event: ‘Legally Defensible? A Legal Examination of Refugee Policies and Associated Implications’

On 18 February 2016, at La Trobe Law School’s City Campus, the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) will be hosting Labor MP Anna Burke and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young as they discuss their parties’ refugee policies and plans. Joining them in discussion… Continue Reading

Savitri Taylor in The Conversation: “How civil society can improve refugee protection in the Asia-Pacific”

La Trobe Law School academic Savitri Taylor appeared on 25 August 2015 in an article titled ‘How civil society can improve refugee protection in the Asia-Pacific‘ in The Conversation. Savitri Taylor commented on the problem of refugee protection in the Asia-Pacific Region: Humanitarian considerations… Continue Reading