CHLS Seminar: High Prices of Medicines and The Regulation of Intellectual Property in Europe

Abstract The recent arrival of Direct-Acting Antivirals (DAAs) against Hepatitis C in Europe has opened up an unprecedented debate about the price of medicines. It has highlighted a much greater systemic problem which goes beyond the cost of DAAs. It… Continue Reading

Hear from ASPIRE Student Rebecca Spilipoulos: “Nothing will ever compare to my first semester of Uni life!”

On the 8th of June I had my last exam for my first semester of University. It’s all over already! Bring on the holidays! But first things first: it’s time to do a quick reflection on the past semester I… Continue Reading

Hear from ASPIRE Student Rebecca Spilipoulos: “This is Uni Life as a First Year!”

I have now been at La Trobe University for 7 weeks, and they have been some of the most exciting, interesting and stressful weeks of my life! I am currently undertaking four different subjects. As I am doing a double… Continue Reading

Bureaucracy, Law and Intimacy Workshop

Marc Trabsky La Trobe Law School

In Paul Du Gay’s In Praise of Bureaucracy: Weber, Organization, Ethics (2000), the author aims to recover an “ethos of bureaucratic office”. He resurrects ethico-political techniques of bureaucratic institutions, which have long been criticised for marginalising, if not excluding personal,… Continue Reading