CHLS Research Symposium: Health inequities, trade and global governance

This workshop will bring together researchers on health inequities, trade policy and global governance to explore key issues facing the Asia Pacific Region in the 21st century. Drawing on political economy perspectives, speakers will explore the relationships between health inequities… Continue Reading

Why do we need to know more about dispute resolution in China?

By Huaning Gu In Australia, China often feels far away with a different social system, legal system and culture. So why is there a need for Australians to inform themselves about Chinese dispute resolution? Mediation in China: an old tradition… Continue Reading

Free trade agreements: friend or foe for Australian university graduates?

La Trobe Law Free Trade

On Wednesday 21 September 2016 the La Trobe Law School convened a panel debate chaired by La Trobe Law School lecturer Dr Ozlem Susler, entitled “Free Trade Agreements: What’s In It For Australian University Graduates?” Free trade agreements have somewhat… Continue Reading